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Standard 19 inch rack cabinets

(Low Density 0-5kW)

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 Width (in mm)   Height (in mm) 
 incl. Castors 
 Depth (in mm) 
900 1050 1200
600 12U (690)  
18U (955)  
24U (1220)
30U (1490)
36U (1755)
39U (1890)
42U (2020)
45U (2155)
48U (2290)
800 39U (1890)
42U (2020)
45U (2155)
48U (2290)

SRA manufacture a range of server racks which have been designed to be upgradable at any point to suit your current and/or future requirements. Once your order has been placed our professional team will ensure your investment is manufactured to the highest standard and delivered on time.

Side Panels

The side panels sit flush within the frame for extra security and allow rows of racks to be bayed together easily.

Commercial side panels are fitted with external panel clips allowing the panels to be installed and removed with ease. They can also be secured from inside the rack thereby removing the need for an external lock.


All frames in the SRA range are designed and manufactured from 2mm zinc annealed (rust proof coating) steel. The frame is fully welded and load rated to 800kg (static) distributed weight. The top and bottom of each frame has a low profile of 35mm to minimise the overall height.


The doors are constructed from a single piece of 1.2mm zinc annealed steel which provides excellent rigidity and minimises twist or flop in the doors. All doors sit flush inside the frame providing increased security and a clean aesthetic look.

A total of six configurations are available; solid, vented or window doors with 1 or 3 point locking.

A range of keying systems are also available including keyed and digital.

Cable Entry& Venting

4x large cable entry slots in the top and bottom of the frame provide easy access to the rack for cabling and power supply. The venting in the middle allows for the addition of a 5 or 6 fan tray. (Cable entry blanking panels are also available)